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Leadership speech

Ladies and Gentlemen, Experts, Dear Friends,

       Hello everyone!

       First of all, on behalf of the Nanjing Magnetic Valley Technology Co., Ltd. Board of Directors with the staff, to care and support the Nanjing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. magnetic Valley leaders, experts, scholars and friends from all walks of life to express my heartfelt thanks!


       Magnetic levitation technology is a typical electromechanical integration technology (high and new technology) integrating electromagnetics, electronic technology, control engineering, signal processing, mechanics and dynamics. In foreign countries, magnetic levitation technology has been successfully applied for more than 30 years, in China, almost a blank. The outstanding advantages of the technology is energy saving and environmental protection, saving resources, greatly improving the economic performance of the equipment. In this increasingly tense resources, energy prices soaring era, the successful application of magnetic levitation technology, has a revolutionary revolutionary significance.

       Nanjing magnetic Valley Technology Co., Ltd., is a private high-tech innovation-oriented enterprises. Company based on the "scientific and technological innovation, people-oriented" business philosophy, the concentration of a group of top domestic magnetic levitation technology experts, bringing together a group of patriotic national capital, a large number of users with magnetic levitation technology needs and research and design units, "production, , With "the new technology promotion model, with great concentration on the application of magnetic levitation technology for the development of magnetic levitation technology for the application of the market to speed up China's maglev technology development, and make unremitting efforts.

       "The road is long Xi Xi, Wu Jiang from top to bottom and quest." We know that there is a long way to go.

       Mencius said: "Heaven is not as good as geography, geography and people。" We firmly believe that: with the party and the country's wise decision-making and vision; with the care and support of all levels of government; with the careful guidance of experts and scholars; with the strong community help, with the "Nanjing magnetic" people perseverance , The courage to open up "the firm belief that we Nanjing magnetic Valley Technology Co。, Ltd。 will fulfill the mission, live up to expectations for China's magnetic levitation technology to contribute to the development of the cause。


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