Magnetic valley WeChat public science and technology

The company memorabilia

? August 8, 2008, magnetic levitation centrifugal blower project started;

? September 17, 2009, the first domestic 75kW magnetic levitation centrifugal blower industrial prototype in Chengdu by the Ministry of Science and Technology Group site acceptance;

? In Oct. 2010, it was recognized as "National Key New Product" by Ministry of Science and Technology;

? In June 2011, the project was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology as "Technology Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises".

? In November, 2013, the new products and technologies appraisal meeting of Jiangsu Province will be passed.

? December 2013, included in the NDRC "national key energy-saving technology directory";

? November 2014, included in the Ministry of Industry "energy-saving electrical and mechanical equipment (products) directory";

? 2015 December, included in the National Development and Reform Commission, "the focus of energy-saving low-carbon technology promotion directory";

? 2016 March, included in the Ministry of Industry and "energy efficiency star product catalog 2015."

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