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Warmly congratulate the company through the ISO14000 environmental management system certification

September 2015, after the authority of the Chinese audit institutions, "CQC China Quality Certification Center" assessment, the company successfully passed the ISO14000 environmental management system certification, and received a certificate.

In recent years, some developed countries will pass ISO14000 environmental management system certification as a market access card。 In the country, as people's awareness of environmental protection, we pay more attention to the living environment, but also want to buy, the use of the environment and the body harmless, the production process pollution-free green products。 In response to the national "energy saving" policy, to achieve corporate social responsibility, the company since May 2015 in the company comprehensive import ISO14000 environmental management system, strict ISO14000 environmental management system requirements to the company's every operation and management process。

The adoption of environmental certification, not only for the company to continue to develop high-performance environmentally friendly products to provide a reliable environmental guarantee for the upgrading of Nanjing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. magnetic products brand image, corporate image and competitiveness in the international market has far-reaching significance. At the same time, ISO14000 environmental management system certification through, can also promote the company's internal energy-saving work carried out to reduce costs and better meet customer needs, improve product market competitiveness.


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